The Brad Blog: Breitbart May be Pulled into ACORN-Related San Diego Lawsuit Against O'Keefe, Giles

PLUS: Local media outlet reports story accurately!...

-By Brad Friedman

September 30, 2011- The civil trial against Republican propagandist and con-artist Andrew Breitbart's salaried employee James O'Keefe --- a convicted federal criminal as well as propagandist and con-artist in his own right --- continues in San Diego where a former ACORN employee has sued both O'Keefe and his partner Hannah Giles for violations of California's privacy act.

Huffington Post: Andrew Breitbart Tells Unions To 'F**k Off', Calls Janeane Garofalo Hollywood's 'Sympathy F**k'

October 1, 2011- Andrew Breitbart helped kick off the Chicago Tea Party's TeaCon 2011 Convention in suburban Schaumburg Friday night -- and had some harsh words for unions and liberal actress Janeane Garofalo.

While addressing a crowd of cheering supporters, the conservative blogger began ripping on Garofalo for her vocal opposition to the Tea Party. The actress recently said that GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain "is probably well liked by some of the Republicans because it hides the racist elements of the Republican party."

Breitbart told the crowd that the word around Los Angeles--where he lives--is that Garofalo is "Hollywood's sympathy fuck." The crowd erupts in laughter.

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Daily Kos: James O'Keefe caught lying on tape

-by by Spud1

September 21, 2011- I'm always intrigued about the lies told by others. Often it is about something so insignificant to not be worth the risk of doing so.

But such lies speak volumes about a person's character.

James O'Keefe, the interloper now famous for his "sting" investigations of ACORN and NPR, was in Portland this past Friday. He was the guest of AFP Maine, the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a "free market" advocacy group founded by David Koch. O'Keefe gave a presentation of his work to about 60 people, a presentation which mostly consisted of him complaining about how the main stream media accuses him of selective editing to better smear his subject.

Talking Points Memo: We May Find Out How Much Andrew Breitbart Paid James O'Keefe For One Of His ACORN Videos

-by Ryan J. Reilly

September 28, 2011- A federal judge handling a federal lawsuit filed by a former ACORN employee against James O'Keefe has ordered the conservative provocateur and filmmaker to disclose video footage and payments he received from Andrew Breitbart in relation to one of his sting operations.

"The Court believes that it may be relevant that Defendant was paid for the video of
Plaintiff," wrote U.S. Magistrate Judge Mitchell D. Dembin. "Such a payment may inform the intent of the Defendant in engaging in the alleged illegal activity and Plaintiff must prove that the actions were intentional."

Courthouse News Service: Pseudo-Journalist Must Produce Video Footage

-By Heather Johnson

September 27, 2011- SAN DIEGO (CN) Activist and pseudo-journalist James O'Keefe must produce video footage and other communication in a discovery dispute connected to an invasion of privacy suit filed by an employee of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a federal judge ruled.

The lawsuit stems from an attempted video "sting" conducted by O'Keefe, accompanied by defendant Hanna Giles, dressed as a prostitute.

Many media reports characterized O'Keefe as posing as a pimp since he wore "stereotypical 1970s pimp garb" in the opening and closing scenes of certain videos he released, but he wore a shirt and tie in the actual encounters, identifying himself as Giles' concerned boyfriend, according to the California Attorney General's Office.

The New Civil Rights Movement: Breitbart Fantasizes About Killing Liberals: "We outnumber them and we have the guns"

-by David Badash

September 18, 2011- Tea Party darling Andrew Breitbart fantasized about killing Liberals — and especially union members — claiming that conservatives outnumber Liberals, and are the ones who have guns. The pseudo-​journalist and media mogul also said he is the subject of death threats, and complained people on Twitter call him “gay.” Breitbart claimed he is favored by U.S. military officers, who, in a civil war, would come to his aid, and several times belittled political activist Janeane Garofalo. Breitbart said all this, and far more, at the Red Mass Group greater Boston Tea Party event in Lexington, Massachusetts on September 16.

Media Matters: James O'Keefe's Medicaid Sting Is Still A Fraud

-by Jeremy Holden

August 11, 2011- James O'Keefe is once again making completely false claims about undercover videos of Medicaid employees, saying that he has uncovered evidence of Medicaid fraud. But yet again, he has simply demonstrated that his tactics are fundamentally dishonest.

New York Times: Stinger: James O’Keefe’s Greatest Hits

-By Zev Chafets

July 27, 2011- The temperature was hovering near 90 degrees on the afternoon of Memorial Day when James O’Keefe III emerged from the woods and ambled over to my car. He was tall and thin, with pale skin and matted reddish hair. When his mug shot ran in the papers, some people told him he looked like Matthew Modine. Others said Lee Harvey Oswald. On the day I met him, he wore muddy work boots, filthy jeans and, despite the heat, a long-sleeved shirt. “Keeps the mosquitoes off,” he said. All day he was in the outback of a regional park just west of the Hudson, breaking rocks with a pickax to construct a trail. As a boy he was an Eagle Scout, but this wasn’t a nature project. O’Keefe, the man whose video stings helped take down high-ranking people at National Public Radio and led to the demise of Acorn, the nation’s biggest grass-roots community organizing group, was doing federal time.

RAW Story: Judge allows defamation suit against Breitbart to proceed

-By Stephen C. Webster

July 28, 2011- A district judge in Washington, D.C. ruled Thursday that a defamation lawsuit against conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart may proceed to trial, according to Legal Times reporter Zoe Tillman.

The suit, filed by former U.S. Dept. of Agriculture employee Shirley Sherrod, had faced a motion to dismiss or relocate, which was struck down.

Judge Richard Leon did not issue a written opinion on the case.

Last year, Breitbart published a video of Sherrod describing to an NAACP conference how she overcame her own racist attitudes. However, a video from that speech was deceptively edited to make it appear that she was describing how she used the power of the government against a white farmer.

Talking Points Memo: James O'Keefe's Latest 'Terrorist' Medicaid Sting Goes After Woman For Following Law

-By Ryan J. Reilly

July 20, 2011- Stop me if you've heard this one. A man goes into a public assistance office in Charleston, South Carolina in a kilt, tells them he's a member of the Irish Republican Army and asks for help for 25 fellow Irishmen in a hospital who need Medicaid.

A government employee follows the rules and explains the process for filling out a Medicaid paperwork and the qualifications they'd need to meet. She informs them that a federal law intended to protect patient privacy requires her not to divulge any information he's told her.

So what happens next? James O'Keefe's Project Veritas releases a deceptively edited video that makes the woman look like a terrorist sympathizer, though it isn't even clear if she knows the background of the IRA.

Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America