Daily Kos: O'Keefe ACORNs Ohio Medicaid (ACTION ALERT)

-By Stranded Wind

July 18, 2011- This just in - wire tap and deceptive video editing artist James O'Keefe has struck again. The scene of the crime? Ohio's hard pressed Medicaid offices.

I haven't had a chance to watch 22 minutes of fake Russian drug traffickers allegedly visiting Medicaid offices in a McClaren F1 and seeking abortions for their underage sisters whom they've been pimping, but is any of this starting to sound familiar (and tiresome) (and fake) to you?

I hope the Ohio AG lands on this little shit with both feet.


OK, negative comments, please, and negative markings of the video, and someone in Ohio please figure out how to turn this into civil and criminal consequences?

Talking Points Memo: James O'Keefe: I've Got Evidence Public Employees Helped Fake Terrorists, Drug Smugglers

-By Ryan J. Reilly

July 13, 20111- Conservative provocateur James O'Keefe has his digital alms bowl out. He says his non-profit group "needs $30,000 RIGHT AWAY" to finish his latest sting operation that he claims "dwarfs anything Project Veritas has exposed to date."

His attacks on ACORN, Planned Parenthood, CNN, and NPR had varying degrees of success in taking down their targets or coming up with evidence to back his rhetoric. So who's next on his list? Government employees.

RAW Story: Report: O’Keefe took $100 from man claiming to be crack pipe dealer

-By Stephen C. Webster

June 22, 2011- Conservative media prankster James O'Keefe accepted $100 from a man who claimed to be a crack pipe dealer during the RightOnline conference, according to a report in the notorious Buffalo Beast.

Of course, the man wasn't really a crack pipe salesman: he's Ian Murphy, the gonzo journalist who posed as billionaire David Koch in a phone call with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

In his latest coup, Murphy set up a fake conservative persona named Jay Mitchell Huntsman, after an alias used by the famous con-man James Hogue, then went trotting about the RightOnline conference in Minneapolis apparently out of curiosity.

RAW Story: James O’Keefe and Nicole Sandler squabble over ACORN tapes

-By Kase Wickman

June 18, 2011- Progressive radio host Nicole Sandler is at the Netroots Nation conference in Minneapolis, where she ran into a decidedly conservative attendee: James O’Keefe.

As Sandler describes on her blog, she spotted O’Keefe in the lobby, and he invited her over to chat. Naturally, she pulled out her Flip Cam and recorded the whole thing. Eventually, O’Keefe tires of her and tries to get Sandler to go away.

“I didn’t ask for an interview, I just wanted to have a discussion. You’re interviewing me on tape,” he says, when she reminds him that he gestured her over.

“Yeah, you tape people all the time. You tape people and you edit the tapes to make it look like things that didn’t, happened.” 

RAW Story: Gatecrasher Andrew Breitbart chased out of Netroots Nation

-By Muriel Kane

June 17, 2011- Fresh off his destruction of the career of former Congressman Anthony Weiner, BigGovernment’s Andrew Breitbart showed up unannounced at the Netroots Nation conference on Friday, trailed by his camera crew.

As reported by Dave Weigel of Slate, Breitbart was quickly confronted by progressive activist Ryan Clayton, who told him that since he had no credential to cover the conference, “maybe you should leave” and then asked if he felt it was “okay for you to be here without paying.”

The Smoking Gun: Pimp Suit Alert: James O’Keefe Will Be Crashing Netroots Nation Conference

June 17, 2011- A federal judge yesterday essentially gave conservative provocateur/probationer James O’Keefe permission to crash this weekend’s Netroots Nation convention, a gathering of the kind of political progressives that O’Keefe delights in skewering.

Since O’Keefe needs judicial approval to travel outside New Jersey (due to his federal conviction for last year’s harebrained scheme targeting Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu), yesterday he filed a U.S. District Court motion seeking permission to spend this weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

O’Keefe’s motion, an excerpt of which can be seen here, reported that he planned to attend the June 17-19 RightOnline Conference, which he described as a conservative gathering featuring Republican presidential hopefuls like Tim Pawlenty, Michelle Bachmann, and Herman Cain, and commentators like Andrew Breitbart, Michelle Malkin, and Erick Erickson.

The “Vindication” of Andrew Breitbart

-Blogged by John Wellington Ennis on Public Interest Pictures

June 11, 2011- Jon Stewart called it “the weirdest f*cking story I’ve seen in my life.” It was the live broadcast of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s confessional press conference, and yet here was Andrew Breitbart, taking a victory lap around the mainstream press for not being wrong about a story for once. (At the same time, Breitbart not being wrong on a story almost deserves live breaking coverage.)

Advice To Weiner: Resign, Run Again

-by Keith Olbermann

June 11, 2011- There is no rush to judgment like a political rush to judgment.

The airwaves, the talk shows, all of the homes of political puffery have been filled to the brim, for more than a week, with absolute certainty about what Anthony Weiner should do – no, must do.

Republicans like Eric Cantor, whose response to previous such scandals on his side of the aisle has been to say he was praying for the malefactor’s family and hoped we would let “the people decide,” isn’t praying, and isn’t letting anybody decide – he’s saying Weiner should quit.

Why Breitbart is STILL TOAST. (New court doc analysis by Symbolman)

-Blogged by TBTM Julie  on the Daily Kos

June 4, 2011- Posted on behalf of Symbolman:

Takebackthemedia.com dissects the latest Breitbart filings in Sherrod’s case against Breitbart for Defamation. His lawyers respond to Sherrod’s lawyers re: Change of Venue, plus Defendants are all SLAPP-HAPPY, which is looking like it’s designed to extend legal wrangling, and put off the dreaded Discovery.


Mark Crispin Miller
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