Politico: Shirley Sherrod returns to the USDA

May 14, 2011- Shirley Sherrod, the U.S. Department of Agriculture employee who was forced out after a portion of a videotape was misleadingly used to show her making a racially insensitive remark, will start working for the USDA again, the department told POLITICO Friday. But she’s not getting her old job back.

Instead, Sherrod will help the USDA improve its dismal civil rights record.

Sherrod will be a contract employee leading one of three field programs designed to bolster relations between the USDA and minority farmers and ranchers. Support for the programs is among several recommendations contained in a sweeping, two-year study released Wednesday that examined decades of discrimination claims by African Americans, Latinos, women and Native Americans.

RAW Story: Lawyer tells Breitbart to ‘get a job’ on Fox News shoutfest

 Controversial conservative and BigGovernment.com founder Andrew Breitbart appeared on a special Fox News show called “Freeloaders.” Breitbart was set against defense attorney Al Spires, who Breitbart railed against in Big Government’s Pigford investigation.

Host John Stossel sat mostly silent as the debate devolved into shouting and name-calling between Breitbart and Spires. Spires eventually sat and repeated “get a job!” while Breitbart tried to talk over him.

Watch the clip, which originally aired May 6, 2011 on Fox Business, embedded courtesy of Mediaite.

Crooks & Liars: Breitbart Claims That Bill Maher and Michael Eric Dyson Set Him up to Look Like a Racist on Real Time

May 9, 2011- Well, C-SPAN decided not only to embarrass themselves by allowing Andrew Breitbart to come on their morning call-in show Washington Journal this week. They also decided to give him some fact free air time with Armstrong Williams as the interviewer of all people on their Book TV series and to be allowed to cry about how unfairly he was treated on Bill Maher's show a couple of years ago and with heaven forbid anyone being allowed to paint him as a racist as Michael Eric Dyson did on that show.

Breitbart of course thinks he can't be painted as being a racist because he loves Clarence Thomas, which is about the equivalent of Stephen Colbert talking about his one black friend in his parodies on Comedy Central given Breitbart's history of going after groups that support minorities and the powerless and those that want to make sure that heaven forbid black people in America still have the right to get registered and to vote.

Crooks & Liars: Dylan Ratigan Tells Color of Change If Breitbart Comes On Again, He'll Be Identified As "Race-Baiter" And "Liar"

May 4, 2011- Boy, was I ready to kick in my TV when this aired. I -- and many of my fellow liberals -- furiously sent off angry emails and tweets to Dylan Ratigan for this fawning piece that ignored what a festering pustule on humanity that Breitbart truly is. James Rucker of Color of Change also found it reprehensible and led a campaign to make sure Dylan Ratigan understood how irresponsible it was to not provide context to let the average viewer know exactly how much credibility should be lent to Breitbart.

St. Louis Activist Hub: Exclusive Interview: Breitbart's Provocateurs Trespass at UMSL To Harass and Intimidate Students

May 2, 2011- Early last week, Dana Loesch and Andrew Breitbart's websites started pushing a story claiming that professors at UMKC and UMSL were encouraging their students to use violence and industrial sabotage to further political ends. The videos immediately looked sketchy, with strangely edited clips cobbled together. Though the bureaucracies of the universities and the unions slowed down a response to the attacks from well-known con artist Andrew Breitbart, UMKC professor Judy Ancel released a statement documenting that the videos were maliciously edited to put words into the mouths of the professors. On Friday, Crooks and Liars and Media Matters both released video that clearly demonstrated that the story being pushed by Loesch and Breitbart was completely fabricated via creative chop-shop editing.

NJ.Com: N.J. activist James O'Keefe encourages tea party members in East Windsor to conduct investigations

April 16, 2011- James O'Keefe, who gained fame secretly videotaping groups like NPR, Acorn and Planned Parenthood, addressed a crowd of tea party activists, encouraging them to conduct similar investigations.

O'Keefe, a New Jersey native and Rutgers graduate, told the packed room of about 150 that his project is about exposing hypocrisy. He encouraged those there to partake in their own efforts, including in response to a question saying he would like to see citizens target judges with similar videos.

"Anyone who is abusing the trust of our people needs to be investigated," O'Keefe said. "It's not a conservative movement. It's not right-wing. It's a movement to expose hypocrisy."


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America