AlterNet: 10 States With the Most Shocking Anti-Woman Legislation

Anti-choicers are trying to destroy Roe v. Wade by a death from a thousand cuts.

April 6, 2011- If you feel like the swirl of outrageous state-based anti-woman legislation is worse than it's ever been, you’re not hallucinating. Republicans really have declared a surge in their war on women, and it’s a nationwide phenomenon. Anti-choicers are trying to destroy Roe v. Wade by a death from a thousand cuts, so that when we wake up one day and the right to a safe, legal abortion is really, truly gone in many states, it will be hard to pinpoint exactly which law killed it.

Here’s a sample of 10 states in which access to reproductive health care (and in one case, any kind of health care at all) is severely threatened.

Talking Points Memo: O'Keefe Hits Up Supporters For Cash, Mingles With D.C. Conservatives

April 5, 2011- Conservative provocateur James O'Keefe, who asked supporters for donations a few weeks back to help him and his friends pay off the major credit card debt they racked up when they targeted National Public Radio, is hitting up his email list one again.

O'Keefe wrote in an email to supporters on Monday that he hopes to "assemble and train an army of new truth-seekers and investigators who will expose more corruption in government and shine a bright spotlight on just how corrupt power can be in America -- including many at the highest levels of government."

Crooks & Liars: It's Hard Out Here For A (Fraudulent) Pimp

April 1, 2011- In The Cinema, the edit is a delicate dance. A nonlinear two-step with the time/space continuum, fueled by vision, culminating in self-revelation. "THAT," the editor says at last, "is what played out in my mind. Now my fever dream belongs to the world."

James O'Keefe and Andrew Breitbart are lousy human beings. Their misanthropic, race-baiting fantasies, when writ large on the screen, are an ugly mirror image of humanity's darkest side. Where some people might use the tools of the motion picture industry to create art, they use them to hurt the poor, minorities, and boons to society.

To sum up: The Jerks of the world have learned to use iMovie.*

Mother Jones: Pimps, Lies, and Videotapes

March 31, 2011- Ever since ACORN was taken down by a bad pimp costume and a hidden camera, right-wing media mogul Andrew Breitbart and provocateur James O'Keefe have discovered that by the time their work is exposed as disingenuously edited hit jobs, the damage is done, and their brand has been boosted. As Breitbart told the AP, "I'm committed to the destruction of the old media guard. And it's a very good business model." Read the Editor's note, "Why Do We Keep Falling for O'Keefe's Smear Jobs," here. Below, their stings to date.

Talking Points Memo: Andrew Breitbart Says He's 'Excited' For Shirley Sherrod Lawsuit, Claims It's All About Pigford

March 29, 2011- Andrew Breitbart says he still stands by everything he's said about Shirley Sherrod, the former U.S.D.A. official who filed a lawsuit against him charging he defamed her by "publishing an intentionally false and misleading clip" that damaged her reputation.

In an interview with TPM following his speech before the True the Vote national summit on Saturday, Breitbart said that the Sherrod story -- in which Breitbart's Big Government website posted what turned out to be a selectively edited video clip of Sherrod that made it appear as though she was bragging about discriminating against a white farmer -- has always been about the Pigford settlement, even if he didn't realize it in the beginning.

Mother Jones: Why Do We Keep Falling For O'Keefe's Smear Jobs?

March 28, 2011- To the list of journalism's greatest disgraces, let us now add James O'Keefe. O'Keefe calls himself an investigative reporter, though as far as we can tell the only group of journalists he has anything in common with are habitual fabricators like Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass, and Janet Cooke.

But that's not the scandal we're talking about. The real scandal is that—even though by the time he posted a "sting" of a top NPR fundraiser, O'Keefe was notorious for creating deceptive video smear jobs (ACORN? Hello?)—the media repeated the allegations uncritically. Let's review.

Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America