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Campus Progress: Know Your Right-Wingers- Andrew Breitbart

By FZ - Posted on 15 November 2010

By Jake Blumgart-

The Obama era has been kind to crazed conservative commentators—perhaps too kind for their own good. In a market saturated with loudmouth reactionary malcontents it can be tough for a would-be Internet provocateur/entrepreneur to really break away from the pack. To distinguish himself, ultra-right opinion-maker Andrew Breitbart’s favored tactics include picking fights with practically everyone, gaming the media with wily, web-based tactics, and snorting the odd line of red wine powder (“it’s very dry”).

Yet despite all his shenanigans, Breitbart is largely just another iteration of the old angry-white-guy-unashamed-of-it trope. Breitbart’s tired but persistent rants against progressive politicians are almost entirely banal—“We have now entered the first full-fledged Alinsky presidency”—even where they are viciously overblown: “The Democratic party has been exposed as trying to create a Kristallnacht to save the Obama presidency.” You can get almost the exact same shtick from Glenn Beck—but with a blackboard.

Breitbart’s medium, not his message, is the best way to distinguish him from the swarm of cranky, white, middle-aged pundits dominating the conservative movement these days. Although he appears regularly on Fox News, and periodically in print outlets like the Washington Times, the Internet is Breitbart’s primary base of operations.


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America