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Trouble For O'Keefe

By FZ - Posted on 13 October 2011

James O'Keffe's latest prank is yet another violation of his probation and has attracted the attention of Anonymous, who posted the following on Pastebin.Com:

James O'Keefe was at #occupywallstreet on Monday (10 October, 2011), and was very likely there to make trouble for #occupiers.

He even dressed up for us, perhaps in an attempt to blend in with NY elites?

Surely he knew he was there in violation of his probation. We ask that you call his probation officer NOW. Don't rest on this. O'Keefe has been behind other operations in an attempt to fabricate stories on political opponents. source:

Here's the contact info for his Probation Officer:

The Chief Supervising PO is
Thomas Larson, Supervising Probation Officer
Paterson NJ United States Probation Office
200 Federal Plaza, Room 130
Post Office Box 2097
Paterson, NJ 07509-2097
(973) 357-4080

And O’Keefe’s personal PO is
Patrick Hattersley at the same office.


We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America