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Did James O'Keefe think no one would notice this?

By FZ - Posted on 13 October 2011

Remember James O'Keefe's NPR scam? The one where he had some fake "Muslim extremists" take an NPR executive to lunch? To make his "Islamo-fascists" seem more credible, he created a phony website for them; MEAC of America. (Don't worry- we've archived the site in case he suddenly decides to take it down) All right so far- except that on the About page MEAC claims to be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The problem is, they aren't. Oops.

Perhaps James O'Keefe doesn't think falsely claiming 501(c)(3) status constitutes fraud if it's a non-existent organization cooked up only to trick a legitimate non-profit organization. Perhaps the right court will see this as a grey area...

But wait- there's more: MEAC also has a Donate page. If anyone should donate money to this non-existent non-profit, they are going to get a surprise when they claim the deduction on their taxes. Think it couldn't happen? Try Googling MEAC of America.

Not done yet: Note the address of the MEAC offices: 2100 M St NW, Ste 170, Washington DC. This is where the Donate page says to send your checks. Now check out O'Keefe's own ironically named Project Veritas. Notice that the offices seem to be at the same address as MEAC of America? Is it starting to sound like fraud now?

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Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America