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EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Andrew Breitbart says Occupy has a 'culture of rape' and ACORN is paying 'unsafe people' to occupy

By FZ - Posted on 27 February 2012

Andrew Breitbart is the Andrew Breitbart of the tea party movement

-Posted on Eclectablog, February 26, 2012-

On Saturday, February 25th, LOLGOP and I attended the Americans for Prosperity forum in Troy, Michigan (home of homophobic tea party mayor Janice Daniels.) We obtained press passes and proceeded to livetweet and liveblog the event. (My liveblog, done entirely on my iPhone, is here: LIVEBLOG: Americans for Prosperity forum in Troy, Michigan 2/25/12.)

For the most part, the people at the AFP forum were very nice to us. Perhaps it's because we had a "Media" badges on but, more than likely, it was despite that, given the sneering way "the media" was treated by speakers such as Andrew Breitbart and Michelle Malkin.

Although the attendees were cordial, the speakers at the event were decidedly NOT nice. They were as partronizingly anti-progressive as you would expect them to be, perhaps worse. There were frequent derogatory references to the Occupy movement which they see as the enemy. While the Average Joe & Josephine attendees probably feel that there is way too much corporate control over our elections and probably decry the outsourcing of American jobs overseas, they fail to connect the dots between the Occupy movement and pushback against the corporatocracy. Instead, they believe as they are told by Breitbart, Malkin, Detroit radio host Frank Beckmann and others that the Occupy movement is an abomination of President Obama's making to be feared and hated, full of unwashed sexual libertines and criminals. Andrew Breitbart even referred to them as "rapists".

In other words, they are the DFHs of our generation.

After the speakers had finished, I noticed Breitbart in the middle of a verbal sparring match with someone. I snapped a quick photo.

 [I swear this image is NOT Photoshopped or altered in any way. It's straight off my iPhone into Photobucket. The magic of the iPhone captured an instantaneous moment when the true nature of Andrew Breitbart broke briefly through the human facade.]

I spoke with the guy on the left afterwards. He asked to remain anonymous so I will simply call him "Challenger". He said the altercation started with him asking Breitbart, "Can you name one person at an Occupy protest who has been convicted of rape?"

Breitbart responded, "There was a guy in DC. He had a foreign-sounding name." At first, Challenger thought that Breitbart was making a joke but quickly realized he was serious. I began taping their exchange about half-way into it. Here's the audio:

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Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America