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Andrew Breitbart dead at 43

By FZ - Posted on 01 March 2012

March 1, 2012- Andrew Bretibart died today during a pitched Twitter war defending James O’Keefe. We have long advocated for accountability in the courts for Mr. Breitbart and Mr. O’Keefe because of their lawlessness, intolerance and smear campaigns. Sometimes, however, accountability comes in other ways from a greater power than the courts.

Mr. Breitbart carried hate in his heart. He raged at liberals, Occupiers, Muslims, Democrats, and women. He used his mouthpiece to cause divisions and to foment violence. He caused immeasurable hurt and suffering to a great many people. Last month, he spewed invectives and blind rage at the CPAC Conference, causing many people, mostly on the left, to call for him to seek professional help for himself. Instead, he continued raging against his imagined enemies until his heart could no longer take it.

Mr. Breitbart died at age 43 leaving a wife and four children. We hope that every hater sees this for what it is and decides to choose love over hate, acceptance over intolerance, and compassion over selfishness.


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America