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Crooks & Liars: Sex, Lies and Wiretaps: James O'Keefe's Slimy Underworld

By FZ - Posted on 03 December 2012

-By Karoli

December 3, 2012- This is not a story about free speech, but when it is published the right wing will squawk loud, long and hard about how it really is about free speech. They use free speech as a cudgel: They're always entitled to it, but the rest of us can just shut the hell up and sit down. For the right, free speech is only free when it supports their point of view.

In a nutshell, this is the story of slime merchant James O'Keefe's attempts to prevent the truth about the ugly underbelly of his smear operations from becoming known -- in part because that truth could well land him in prison -- and how his cohorts in the smear operation, especially his "legal team" in the L.A. District Attorney's office, have relentlessly attempted to keep that truth hidden.

Lies: James O'Keefe's Obsession With Frames

Nadia Naffe was once an associate of James O'Keefe's. She was recruited to play whatever role he could cook up in his latest frame scheme of the day, funded by his billionaires through his recently approved non-profit organization. You can see more examples of his duplicitous skulduggery here, here, here and here. Those do not include the evil he did to ACORN, NPR, Medicaid providers, Planned Parenthood, Abbie Boudreau and Shirley Sherrod, which are particularly insidious.

Yes, James O'Keefe is a slime artist, and once he and Andrew Breitbart found each other, they found that magic slime chemistry that kept the dream alive. There's little doubt their fraudulent campaign against ACORN resulted in that organization's demise, and his frauds have harmed countless other organizations, including NPR and Planned Parenthood. Yet despite all of the ratf*cking he's tried since then, the only one that's brought consequences for O'Keefe is the attempted wiretap of Senator Mary Landrieu's office in New Orleans -- which landed O'Keefe in jail and on probation.

Sex: O'Keefe's Fantasy Life

James O'Keefe also seems to have some issues with women. The incident with CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau was about as sexist as anything I've seen in this lifetime. Remember the plot? He was going to lure Ms. Boudreau onto a boat and feed her strawberries, get her drunk, hit on her, and have the tape running the entire time. His point? Who knows? Maybe he just wanted to embarrass her or worse, seduce her and sell the sex tape.

At any rate, his "assistant", Izzy Santa, intervened, warned Boudreau off from the plan and they got away unscathed.

However, that didn't stop O'Keefe. He recruited a new woman as his accomplice, and hatched a plan to go after banks that had been assisted by TARP funding. Somewhere along the way, he also got some legal eagle whispering in his ear that wiretapping was totally legal if there was suspicion of bribery or other nefarious activity.

The only problem I see with that stellar legal advice? It doesn't appear to give private individuals the right to wiretap the phones of a member of Congress, which is what Naffe alleges she did on O'Keefe's behalf.

After that little caper, O'Keefe seemingly decided he had the hots for Naffe and allegedly attempted the Boudreau maneuver on her. This produced the subsequent falling-out between the two, which in turn resulted in Naffe outing O'Keefe's behavior on her blog and filing a sexual-harassment suit against him.

Then, after O'Keefe slimed Naffe with his own ugly retaliatory video, her harassment case was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. Note that the underlying reasons for her lawsuit still stand, but evidently the place she filed her lawsuit felt she did not file in the proper jurisdiction.

No one has disputed her version of events, by the way. This isn't to say that there has been silence from the Breitbots; quite the contrary. But in all of their sound and fury, their focus has been on why she didn't simply call a cab instead of trying to make O'Keefe take her back to a populated area. Because I guess her failure to do something covers his failure to behave decently and appropriately.


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America