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August 5, 2013- David Corn Reveals "Groundswell" : A Cage Match Between Ginni Thomas And Karl Rove

July 31, 2013- Al Sharpton: GroundSwell The New, Secret Right wing Plan To Take Down Obama

March 8, 2013- The Young Turks: Conservative Activist Pays Up for ACORN Smear

March 8, 2013- Al Sharpton: James O'Keefe: Right-Wing Smear Specialist To Pay $100K For His ACORN Crimes

April 17, 2012- Dana Loesch repeats Breitbart's allegations of rape at Occupy

March 8, 2012- The Young Turks: Breitbart Obama Video 'Controversy'

March 8, 2012- The Young Turks: Shocking Secret Photos Of Republicans! (9/11, Dictators, Oh No!)

March 7, 2012- Hannity Debuts Breitbart Obama College Video Reveals “Controversial” Hug With Embattled Professor

March 2, 2012- Sam Seder: The Horrible Legacy of Andrew Breitbart

March 2, 2012- Thom Hartmann: Andrew Breitbart - The Bell Tolls for Thee...

March 1, 2012- Lawrence O'Donnell: Surprising Encounters with Andrew Breitbart

March 1, 2012- The Young Turks: editor: ‘Andrew was never an enemy of Current TV or MSNBC’

March 1, 2012- The Young Turks: Breitbart treated politics like a game, and it’s not a game

March 1, 2012- The Young Turks: ACORN head on Breitbart: ‘He excoriated an organization, and he did it with a lie’

February 24, 2012- Countdown: David Shuster calls Andrew Breitbart a ‘publicity-seeking hack,’ urges him to get help

February 15, 2012- The Young Turks: Breitbart’s filibuster ran 13 of 16 minutes, doubled down on exaggerations

February 14, 2012- The Young Turks crew tells Cenk he was too easy on Andrew Breitbart

February 14, 2012- The Young Turks Interview Andrew Breitbart

February 10, 2012- Andrew Breitbart Loses It At Occupy Protesters

February 9, 2012- Breitbart News: Hot New Film: 'Occupy Unmasked'

January 12, 2012- Al Sharpton Discusses Voter Fraud by James O'Keefe and Project Veritas

December 22, 2011- Keith Olbermann: Chris Harris analyzes James O’Keefe’s possible civil sexual harassment suit

December 4, 2011- Andrew Breitbart on Occupy

November 29, 2011- Jesse LaGreca Discusses Occupy, the Media and Andrew Breitbart

November 28, 2011- Andrew Breitbart talks about O'Keefe matters at Occupy Los Angeles

November 2, 2011- Breitbart on the Occupy Wall Street Protesters

October 27, 2011- Sam Seder: Sweaty Breitbart Desperate For Attacks on Occupy Wall Street

October 27, 2011- Mike Malloy: Limbaugh: Please Choke On Your Throat Fat 

October 11, 2011- James O'Keefe Violating His Probation Again

October 10, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Conservatives in Panicked Hysteria over Occupy Wall Street 

September 16, 2011- Breitbart Fantasises About Killing Liberals

July 17, 2011- James O'Keefe Hit Piece on Medicaid

June 17, 2011- Nicole Sandler: James O'Keefe confuses truth with lies

June 16, 2011- The Young Turks: 7 Steps: Media Domination & Destruction

May 25, 2011- Andrew Breitbart: Glenn Beck "Screwed the Pooch"

May 9, 2011- RAW Story: Lawyer tells Breitbart to ‘get a job’ on Fox News shoutfest

April 21, 2011- Andrew Breitbart meltdown on MSNBC

April 21, 2011- Media Matters: Is Andrew Breitbart Hallucinating?

April 20, 2011- Media Matters: How NOT to interview Andrew Breitbart

April 19, 2011- David Pakman: Republicans Will Go After Birth Control, The Pill, Contraception Next...Watch Out!

April 17, 2011- Tea Party Agitator Breitbart to Working Class Folks - "GO TO HELL"

April 16, 2011- Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin in Madison with Real Full Audio of Protesters

April 12, 2011- Bryan Fischer: John Boehner Just Like Pontius Pilate

April 8, 2011- Lawrence O'Donnell: The Last Word, Rewrite - Planned Parenthood

April 8, 2011-Government to Shutdown over Planned Parenthood

April 7, 2011- Scarlett Johansson Stands with Planned Parenthood

April 6, 2011- Paul Broun Says Giving Federal Grants To NPR And Planned Parenthood Is Unconstitutional

March 30, 2011- The Colbert Report: James O'Keefe Asks for Donations

March 29, 2011- The Partisans: It's Hard Out Here For A (Fraudulent) Pimp

March 18, 2011- James O'Keefe won't be taped

March 17, 2011- RT: 'EMERGENCY' Defund NPR!

March 17, 2011- Rep. Slaughter: Conservative Commentators Say NPR Reports "The Truth"

March 17, 2011- Rep. Anthony Weiner Mocks GOP For Defund NPR Bill

March 16, 2011- Cenk Uygur: NPR Smeared, Funding Cut? - Rep. Blumenauer (D-OR)

March 15, 2011- The Partisans: For Those With Vaginas

March 15, 2011- David Pakman: Nebraska Abortion Law Forces Mother to Watch Her Baby Die

March 14, 2011- The Young Turks: Glenn Beck's 'The Blaze' Exposes O'Keefe NPR Smear

March 13, 2011- CNN: James O'Keefe "All Journalism Is Edited"

March 13, 2011- CNN: Is James O'Keefe A Journalist?

March 11, 2011- The Young Turks: NPR Racist? Juan Williams of Fox News Rips Former Employer

March 10, 2011- David Pakman: Abortion Bill Enable Death Penalty for Miscarriages

March 10, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Is "gotcha journalism" the new way to report news?

March 9, 2011- Dylan Ratigan: "James O'Keefe Is A Convicted Felon! He's A Criminal! He's Common Trash & He Should Be In Jail!"

March 9, 2011- The Young Turks: Bunnies/Babies In Blender? Controversial Anti-Planned Parenthood Ad

March 8, 2011- Fox News: NPR Exec Slams GOP & Tea Party

March 1, 2011- Mike Malloy: Republicans Love Hurting Children

February 18, 2011- Rep. Speier tells House she had abortion

February 15, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Anatomy Of A Conservative Hit Job (Planned Parenthood Targeted)

February 12, 2011- Andrew Breitbart @ CPAC 2011

February 10, 2011- Breitbart on Pigford at CPAC

February 2, 2011- Fox News: Nancy Skinner with Megyn Kelly on Planned Parenthood 2-2-11

February 1, 2011- Sam Seder Feels Bad For Andrew Breitbart (Not Really)

January 26, 2011- The Young Turks: Right-Wing Copycat's Failed Attempt to "O'Keefe" Planned Parenthood

December 18, 2010- John Atlas Interview - Author of "Seeds of Change - The ACORN Story"

 October 2, 2010- CNN: Abbie Boudreau Right on the Edge

August 4, 2010- David Letterman: Rachel Maddow on Breitbart and Fox News

August 1, 2010- CNN: Andrew Breitbart-Shirley Sherrod-John King Interview

July 31, 2010- ABC News: Tea Party Deception Exposed

July 29, 2010- David Pakman: Shirley Sherrod Andrew Breitbart Scandal

July 28, 2010- Chase Whiteside Interviews Andrew Breitbart About the Media

July 22, 2010- Anderson Cooper: Shirley Sherrod Goes After Breitbart on AC360

July 22, 2010- The Young Turks: Breitbart GMA BS Breakdown

July 22, 2010- The Young Turks: CNN Absurdly Challenged By Breitbart

July 21, 2010- The Young Turks: Racist Fox News & Crazy Voicemail (Graphic Language)

July 21, 2010- The Young Turks: Fox News On Sherrod & Dem Cowards

July 21, 2010- Rachel Maddow: The True Story Of Andrew Breitbart's Video, Shirley Sherrod's "Racism" And Fox News

July 21, 2010- ABC News: Blogger Andrew Breitbart Talks Tea Party and Racism

July 21, 2010- Media Matters: The End of Andrew Breitbart's Credibility

July 21, 2010- Keith Olbermann Special Comment On Shirley Sherrod Controversy

July 21, 2010- GMA: Breitbart refuses opportunity to apologize to Sherrod

March 4, 2010- The Colbert Report: Tip/Wag - James O'Keefe & Sean Hannity

February 25, 2010- Andy Breitbart Explains It All For You (The ACORN "Pimp" Hoax)

February 22, 2010- Max Blumenthal vs. Breitbart, Hannah Giles, and Conserva-Zombies@CPAC 2010

February 21, 2010- Andrew Breitbart CPAC 2010 Speech

February 20, 2010- Andrew Breitbart Flips Out on Tommy Christopher

February 1, 2010- Hannity: James O'Keefe responds to his arrest

January 29, 2010- MSNBC: Andrew Breitbart vs David Shuster Jan 28/10

January 27, 2010- The Colbert Report: Fox News Puts James O'Keefe Into Context

January 27, 2010- Media Matters: Beck, Hannity & O'Reilly Ignore O'Keefe Arrest

November 21, 2009- Hannity: Breitbart to Eric Holder - Investigate ACORN or We'll Release More Tapes

September 19, 2009- Hannity: Hannah Giles prostitute video on ACORN

September 16, 2009- Hannity: James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles; ACORN busters!

March 16, 2009- Bill Mahr: Michael Eric Dyson Schools Racist Andrew Breitbart on Real Time

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