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OpEd News: Andrew Breitbart's mainstream demise

By FZ - Posted on 08 November 2010

November 4, 2010- There was a curious case of synchronicity that unfolded yesterday afternoon when two headlines made news within an hour of each other and both were connected to Andrew Breitbart. The oddly timed headlines served as useful bookmarks in terms of judging how far Andrew Breitbart has fallen in the last twelve months. One year ago he was not only the toast of the Republican Party, Fox News, and the larger conservative movement, but Breitbart was also widely accepted (and trusted) within Beltway media circles as a breakout political star who was revolutionizing conservative journalism online.

But now seen as damaged goods, Breitbart can't even keep a one-time gig as an online commentator for ABC News' Election Night coverage, simply because professional journalists no longer trust his judgment or his word.

One headline arrived just before 5 p.m., yesterday and it came from ACORN, which announced that, after 40 years of community organizing on behalf of low-income people, the scandal-ridden group was officially filing for bankruptcy. In making the announcement, CEO Bertha Lewis seemed to acknowledge that the Breitbart-led assault last year on ACORN had tarnished the group's name beyond repair. She certainly conceded that defending itself against the right-wing changes of corruption had depleted ACORN's time and resources. ("The ongoing political onslaught caused irreparable harm.")

The proclamation didn't come as a surprise, since ACORN had previously moved in May to close its doors nationally. Still, ACORN's waving of the white bankruptcy flag should have set off another round of right-wing celebrations. After all, its crusade generated literally thousands and thousands of news reports one year ago and also spurred Congressional action. And make no mistake; it was Breitbart's 2009 ACORN crusade that made him a media star.

Yesterday's second headline though, confirmed that Breitbart's star had been extinguished.


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America