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Media matters: At it again: Race-baiter Breitbart invents "racist comment" by Huffington

By FZ - Posted on 08 November 2010

November 5, 2010- Yesterday, NewsBusters' Tim Graham reported that on Election Night Arianna Huffington tweeted that Marco Rubio was "Looking Like a Central American Dictator." Hours later, professional smear merchant and race-baiter Andrew Breitbart slapped the headline "Why Arianna Huffington Played The Race Card" across three of his Big sites, (Big Governmant, Big Journalism, & Big Hollywood) accusing her of making a "racist comment" in order to "inject race" and "play off racial fears and ignorance," and thus prevent Rubio from becoming president at some future date.

Aside from being based on a wholly inflated view of the power of Huffington's Twitter feed, the claims by Graham and Breitbart were completely incoherent. In her tweet -- which both conservatives posted -- Huffington wrote:

"On Nightline setmatthew dowd on sen elect rubio surrounded by flags looking like a central american dictator"

This is not the clearest statement in the world (probably because it's a tweet), but do you see the three words that you need to completely ignore in order for Breitbart and Graham's reading of the tweet to make sense?

Doesn't it look like Huffington is quoting something Bush-Cheney '04 chief strategist Matthew Dowd said to her while they were on the set of ABC's Nightline, and not stating her own opinion?

Sure enough, a few hours later, Huffington tweeted:

"@andrewbreitbart: my tweet was merely quoting, with his consent, GOP strategist Matthew Dowd's take on Rubio's acceptance speech. Next!" 

Given that Breitbart helped Huffington launch Huffington Post, I'm willing to bet that he actually has her contact information and could have, if he actually cared about the truth, cleared this up with a phone call.  


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America