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Asbury Park Press: Hidden-camera activist James O'Keefe turns away APP videographer

By FZ - Posted on 19 March 2011

March 18, 2011- James O'Keefe, the conservative activist known for his hidden-camera videos that have made headlines, apparently was not thrilled about the idea of being videotaped himself during a speech he gave Thursday evening.

O'Keefe, who spoke to about 100 members of the Bayshore Tea Party and their supporters at Ye Cottage Inn, declined to be videotaped by an Asbury Park Press photographer who was there to cover the event.

His wishes were communicated by Tea Party members at the event, who asked the photographer to leave.

During his speech, O'Keefe, 26, told the audience: "What I do is expose things for what they are. I show that a triangle has three sides. And I do it on a video camera.''

According to O'Keefe, moral indignation is the strongest force in politics. He contends that is the reason why what he does is so effective.

"What we do is we is we outrage people by what we show them to be true, and that is more powerful than any type of spin,'' he said.

Outrage, he has sparked. The Rutgers University graduate from Bergen County, known for secretly recorded videos that embarrassed organizations ranging such as the New Jersey Education Association and Planned Parenthood, was fresh off a victory of sorts.

Many attendees credited him in part with the House vote Thursday to prohibit local public radio stations from using federal funds to buy programs from National Public Radio. The move came on the heels of O'Keefe's controversial recording of then-NPR fundraiser Ron Schiller saying the station would be better off without federal funding.

The invitation to the $50-a-plate party fundraiser here asked attendees to come out and enjoy a St. Patrick's Day drink, but O'Keefe was the reason for much of the buzz.

O'Keefe posted the NPR video March 8 on his website, Project Veritas.



Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America