You are hereSalon: James O'Keefe defends "sex boat" prank by saying it wouldn't have been that gross

Salon: James O'Keefe defends "sex boat" prank by saying it wouldn't have been that gross

By FZ - Posted on 11 November 2010

The conservative activist says he only would've "seduced" CNN's Abbie Boudreau if she really wanted him to

October 4, 2010- Conservative provocateur James O'Keefe hasn't done much worth crowing about since he took down ACORN with misleadingly edited secret videotapes. He was feted as a right-wing celebrity. He got arrested for trying to sneak into a senator's office under false pretenses. And then he had his attempted prank of a CNN reporter backfire when the reporter backed out after discovering that he planned to lure her onto a boat and "seduce" her. O'Keefe has responded, finally, to this last embarrassment. Unsurprisingly, he has no regrets, and the liberal media is the real guilty party.

O'Keefe's defense -- posted, of course, on Andrew Breitbart's "Big Government" -- rests on us believing that the prank-outlining document obtained by CNN was a draft that O'Keefe did not plan on actually following. He says ideas for stunts are sent to him all the time (like a fancy Hollywood producer!) and sometimes he approves of the idea behind a prank without endorsing everything about it.

As you can imagine in our line of work, we get lots of leads, ideas, schemes and “punked” style plans sent to us all the time. If you were to roam through my personal emails there are many outrageous plans, some parts of which I may approve of in principal with an “I like it” in an email thread. But I may well object to a host of things about the plan, though I like the objective.

When the CNN idea was pitched to me, I’ll admit that I liked the basic absurdity of meeting Abbie Boudreau on a boat and the idea of counter-seduction satire executed in a tame, humorous, non-threatening manner. After all, as all liberal reporters do, she was trying to “seduce” (a metaphor) me so she could get more for her story. It would be fun, I thought, to turn the tables in jest. However, I was repulsed by the over-the-top language and symbolism that was suggested in the memo that was sent to me, and never considered that for a moment.

The gross document in question wasn't submitted by a fan. It was drafted by Ben Wetmore, with whom O'Keefe has worked for years. O'Keefe has called Wetmore his mentor. O'Keefe and his attempted phone-tampering buddies crashed at Wetmore's Louisiana house the month of the Landrieu office incident.


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America