You are hereCrooks & Liars: Breitbart Claims That Bill Maher and Michael Eric Dyson Set Him up to Look Like a Racist on Real Time

Crooks & Liars: Breitbart Claims That Bill Maher and Michael Eric Dyson Set Him up to Look Like a Racist on Real Time

By FZ - Posted on 10 May 2011

May 9, 2011- Well, C-SPAN decided not only to embarrass themselves by allowing Andrew Breitbart to come on their morning call-in show Washington Journal this week. They also decided to give him some fact free air time with Armstrong Williams as the interviewer of all people on their Book TV series and to be allowed to cry about how unfairly he was treated on Bill Maher's show a couple of years ago and with heaven forbid anyone being allowed to paint him as a racist as Michael Eric Dyson did on that show.

Breitbart of course thinks he can't be painted as being a racist because he loves Clarence Thomas, which is about the equivalent of Stephen Colbert talking about his one black friend in his parodies on Comedy Central given Breitbart's history of going after groups that support minorities and the powerless and those that want to make sure that heaven forbid black people in America still have the right to get registered and to vote.

Breitbart is also apparently unable to comprehend the English language since he admits here that everything Dyson said during that interview on HBO went in one ear and out the other with being capable of understanding what was being said to him.

And shame on C-SPAN for giving not only Breitbart, but someone like Williams air time where the viewers don't know anything about Armstrong's background with being a Bush sycophant.

And for a little trip down memory lane as I took last year, here's some of Breitbart's appearance on Real Time that he was complaining about. See if you can follow along and understand the words that come out of Dyson's mouth, because that was apparently too much for Breitbart's brain to digest, but something he doesn't have any trouble with doing some historical revisionism on now. I assume he thinks that there is no one who watched the show on HBO and his appearance with Dyson that also watches C-SPAN or that possibly recorded both because his rewriting of what went down during that obnoxious interview on HBO during this Book TV interview is almost comical.


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America