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Salon: Embarrassing emails from Weiner tweeter leaked

By FZ - Posted on 03 June 2011

The intrigue surrounding the Anthony Weiner crotch shot story, Andrew Breitbart and a mystery Twitter user deepens

-by Justin Elliott

June 2, 2011- Did Andrew Breitbart leak embarrassing personal emails sent to him by the mystery Twitter user at the center of the Anthony Weiner crotch shot scandal? Possibly.

This gets in the weeds of the Weiner saga, but it could help shed light on the origins of the story, so bear with us for a minute. Remember: This all started late last Friday evening when an underwear picture was allegedly sent from the congressman's Twitter account. But no one noticed the image except for Twitter user @patriotusa76, or Dan Wolfe, who seized on the alleged Weiner tweet and publicized it.

Making things stranger, it's clear from his Twitter feed that Wolfe is a right-wing activist who has been obsessed with Weiner for months, even tweeting way back on May 12 that a "top5 RightWing blogger has sexscandal pics" of Weiner.

In any case, within hours, Breitbart's site picked up on Wolfe's tweets and became the first media outlet to publish a story on the matter. From there the episode blew up -- slowly at first, and then more quickly when Weiner himself started acting strangely and refusing at first to deny sending the picture, then claiming that he couldn't say "with certitude" that the image was not of him. Given Breitbart's long history of unreliability and deceptive editing, mainstream reporters were at first (and to some extent still should be) leery of the whole story.

The newly released emails involving Breitbart shed light on one key question that remains unanswered: Who is patriotusa76, aka Dan Wolfe? Today, the Smoking Gun published emails that were, the site says, sent from Wolfe in recent days.

The first one, from May 30, does not list a recipient, but includes some notable admissions from Wolfe:

"I have ALOT of personal problems I didn’t want to go into--but as I become the focus of this I am more and more afraid this will all come out. I want to tell you why I haven't talked on the phone yet," he writes, continuing:

I have an en exwife suing me for custody of our 2 kids and for lots of other stuff right now. Her attorneys are after everything I own.

I have an ex girlfriend who has mental problems causing issues for me at work .

My business is suffering as a result.

If my exwife's attorney's got a hold of a call recorded with me on it they'd have a field day with that. I want to try to avoid.

She had recorded me twice before. She worked with my exgirlfriend and had two calls recorded.

It has gotten me in a lot of legal trouble.

I am screwed. If this comes out along with everything I'm dealing with here -- I don't know what to do.

This is intriguing -- especially that final line. And while the recipient on this email is blurred, the Smoking Gun report seems to suggest it was written in response to Breitbart's attempt "to arrange a conference call to discuss how to further exploit and advance 'Weinergate.'"


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America