You are hereDaily Kos: O'Keefe ACORNs Ohio Medicaid (ACTION ALERT)

Daily Kos: O'Keefe ACORNs Ohio Medicaid (ACTION ALERT)

By FZ - Posted on 19 July 2011

-By Stranded Wind

July 18, 2011- This just in - wire tap and deceptive video editing artist James O'Keefe has struck again. The scene of the crime? Ohio's hard pressed Medicaid offices.

I haven't had a chance to watch 22 minutes of fake Russian drug traffickers allegedly visiting Medicaid offices in a McClaren F1 and seeking abortions for their underage sisters whom they've been pimping, but is any of this starting to sound familiar (and tiresome) (and fake) to you?

I hope the Ohio AG lands on this little shit with both feet.


OK, negative comments, please, and negative markings of the video, and someone in Ohio please figure out how to turn this into civil and criminal consequences?

Oh, yeah, it would be really easy to stop this - Indict Breitbart has all the particulars on how O'Keefe's illegal wire tapping in Maryland could land him in jail.

I contacted Jennifer Brunner right away when I saw this. Don't have an answer back from her yet, but Courage PAC is her operation in Ohio and I hope they can be the vehicle we need for at least some of the response to this latest outrage.

The footage of the McClaren F1 is from a Discovery Channel show on supercars. This was confirmed via a link below - get over to the Discovery Channel viewer relations form and let 'em know this has happened. O'Keefe's video will get pulled from YouTube if Discovery files a DMCA complaint ...


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America