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Daily Kos: James O'Keefe caught lying on tape

By FZ - Posted on 02 October 2011

-by by Spud1

September 21, 2011- I'm always intrigued about the lies told by others. Often it is about something so insignificant to not be worth the risk of doing so.

But such lies speak volumes about a person's character.

James O'Keefe, the interloper now famous for his "sting" investigations of ACORN and NPR, was in Portland this past Friday. He was the guest of AFP Maine, the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a "free market" advocacy group founded by David Koch. O'Keefe gave a presentation of his work to about 60 people, a presentation which mostly consisted of him complaining about how the main stream media accuses him of selective editing to better smear his subject.

The presentation included the prank below. I call it a prank because that's exactly what it is - a group of college students trying to sucker an administrator at Rutgers University. It is an outlandish scheme: that Lucky Charms ought to be removed from the cafeterias at Rutgers because the leprechaun depicted on the box is racist, and not an accurate representation of those of Irish descent. It's actually pretty funny to watch, and my guess is that it gained some renown on campus:

Did you catch that claim that O'Keefe makes at the end of the clip?


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America