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Occupy For Accountability: OFA Calls On CNN To Fire Dana Loesch

By FZ - Posted on 14 January 2012

January 13, 2012- Dana Loesch tells Huffington Post readers that she too would piss on dead men whom she disagrees with. In a startling video showing Marines pissing on the dead bodies of those they killed in action, Dana has come out in favor of the marines who did such a horrible act.

What is it about these Muslim haters like her and Andrew Breitbart and the Breitbart loving pseudonym Aaron Worthing of the Everyonedrawmohammed blog? Are they so afraid of people of Islamic faith that they feel that pissing on them after they are dead is a decent and just thing?

I wonder how they would feel if others pissed on them after they were dead? I am sure there would be protests aplenty if it was considered OK to piss on people of the Jewish faith or the Christian faith. But no, because these people are of the Islamic faith they feel justified in pissing on them after they are dead. Maybe we should sponsor a piss contest to see how these haters would feel if others pissed on people of their faith. I wonder how they would react then? Would they protest it? Would they scream to to the rooftops how unjust it was? I bet they would. For now though we at Occupy For Accountability call on CNN to fire Dana Loesch for her comments and her religious hatred, less CNN be stained with such journalists working for them.

Have we all forgotten radio personailities such as Don Imus who have been fired for less, or for racial comments made during a broadcast or a tweet? Is this any different? I think its much worse, and in fact I think it should be an immediate firing offense with a ban from being involved in any broadcasting venture from then on.

Will CNN stand up to the plate and distance themselves from such religious hatred? Or will CNN stand by this disreputable journalist and her hate mongering?

Stay Tuned as they say...


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America