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Nashua Patch: Petitions Delivered to AG Target O'Keefe, Voter Fraud

By FZ - Posted on 11 February 2012

Pressure is on for NH AG to investigate 'Project Veritas' leader and undercover video shoot.

-By Carol Robidoux

February 3, 2012- A coalition of organizations is urging the state Attorney General to investigate right-wing activist James O'Keefe, saying his undercover footage shot during the January Primary at various polling sites violates state and federal election law.

People For the American Way, Daily Kos and Granite State Progress on Thursday delivered 109,931 petitions to New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney urging him to investigate O'Keefe on voter fraud charges.

O'Keefe, who heads Project Veritas, sent undercover operatives to polls in Nashua, Bedford and other towns who secretly filmed themselves requesting ballots under the names of recently deceased voters.

The video is posted on the group's website under the heading "Primary of the Living Dead" [and also posted here.]

While O’Keefe's point was to convince Americans that voter fraud is a problem, these groups believe he may have committed fraud himself, and their allegations are backed up by several state election officials, including Nashua City Clerk Paul Bergeron, who said when the filmmakers crossed state lines to request ballots belonging to someone else, and record the undercover video, they broke the law.

"It's against the law to steal, so if you go out and steal and then put up a video and say, 'Look, I stole something,' that's a crime. What these people did was a crime; they stole a person's identity and used it to try to obtain a ballot that would be used in a state election," Bergeron told Nashua Patch in January.

O’Keefe is not deterred, and recently told the Concord Monitor he plans to conduct similar operations in other states.


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America