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Nadia Naffe: Part II: The Barn Incident

By FZ - Posted on 23 March 2012

-By Nadia Naffe

March 22, 2012- Making the decision to come forward to discuss in detail what happened at the barn that night, between me and James O’keefe, was one of the hardest choices I’ve ever had to make. When I left the Westwood Courthouse after the hearing with James, I wanted this painful chapter in my life to be over, but it would never be over until I came forward to tell my story. My hope in being here is about more than simply setting the record straight. It’s about making sure other women aren’t manipulated and taken advantage of the way that I was. There should never again be another Abbie, Izzy or Nadia. Here’s my story…

It was September 2011. I was traveling to Nashua, NH to meet James at an AFP fundraiser he was headlining with Andrew Breitbart. James contacted me the night before about a couple of video projects he needed my help with immediately. When I arrived, James could barely wait to tell me about his new schemes. “We’re going to punk the journalists and take down the main stream media establishment”, he said.

Within 48 hours, James and I were deep into the planning process for his series, “To Catch a Journalist”. The main target of the sting was Charles Seife, professor of journalism at NYU. “Here is Charles Seife. Notice his contempt for me. And also his email address. He should be E-Z to get”, said James in an email. As I continued to read further down the email chain, I noticed the original author of the message was actually Professor Seife. It seemed odd that James would be communicating, so directly, with a person he was targeting for an undercover sting. In the past, his targets had always been random people he’d never met. But the situation with Seife was different. Seife had made two or more public records requests for James’ group, Project Veritas’ to release its IRS disclosure forms. “Appended below is the request I sent to Project Veritas. Over the past 2+ months, I’ve tried Project Veritas web form, twitter (@veritasvisuals), e-mail, and certified mail to the DC address and have thus far gotten no response”, Seife wrote in an email.

James told me Seife had been pestering him to release Project Veritas’ IRS forms 1023, 990 and 990-T. He was concerned that Seife may have already reported PV to the IRS. When I asked James why not just release the IRS forms Seife had requested as required by federal law, he implied there were problems with PV’s IRS disclosures, such that, releasing the forms for public inspection was simply not an option. And now, James was asking me to go undercover to investigate the very same professor whom he claimed was out to ruin him and everything he had accomplished.

James insisted he wasn’t targeting Seife solely because of the tax issue. He claimed Seife was a racist, who was using his classroom to indoctrinate students into accepting his leftist beliefs. James knew he was making a powerful argument which would resonate with me, since I had been a victim of racism myself when I was on the staff of the Bush/Cheney campaign in 2003. James had my number. He knew I reviled racists people to the nth degree. How could I not despise a racist when I had my entire political career ruined. James described Seife to me in the same vein as the racist boss who discriminated against me all those years ago. He wanted me fired up to go after Seife.

James met me at Penn Station in NYC on Sept. 21st. We rehearsing the narrative for my meeting with Seife later that afternoon. James’ scheme was to presented a stereotype about Tea Party racism against Blacks and media favoritism of President Obama. He intended to have Seife lose either way: to look biased by agreeing that the Tea Party was racist and agreeing that the media does give liberal candidates (i.e. President Obama) favorable media coverage.

After we were done rehearsing in the car, James asked me if I was dating anyone. I told him that I had a new friend that I had recently started dating. James was curious if my friend was white or black. I told James he was a white guy, even though I though it was a weird question for him to ask. James asked what my friend did for a living. I said he was a Vice President at Hewlett-Packard. Then, James got eerily quiet, he looked down at the floor and said, “Oh, he has money.” James gave me his iphone to use as an audio recorder and he kept my Google Android smartphone and laptop with him. When I returned from meeting with Seife, James had been using my equipment to make phone calls and send emails that afternoon. I later discovered that James had downloaded and/or linked his Gmail account to my device.


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