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Nashau Patch: O'Keefe Skypes Gala to Avoid Subpoena

By FZ - Posted on 08 May 2012

James O'Keefe said his attorney advised against appearing in person Sunday due to suggested action against him.

-By Kyle Stucker

May 6, 2012- Conservative activist James O'Keefe spoke to a packed house of Seacoast Republicans Sunday not in person, but rather on streaming video because stepping foot in New Hampshire would trigger a criminal grand jury subpoena.

O'Keefe has drawn strong praise and criticism from his investigation into voter fraud during the New Hampshire primary, including polling places in Nashua. O'Keefe, 27, often cited frustration Sunday during a Rye Republican Town Committee-hosted gala about being stopped from doing his job and trying to uncover "truths" about a flawed system he said is necessitating a voter identification bill.

"I think it's unfortunate that we live in a country these days where public officials threaten journalists, threaten to put journalists in jail for exposing facts legally," O'Keefe said via Skype and a projector screen inside the Abenaqui Country Club in Rye.

O'Keefe's efforts received loud cheers and whistles from Sunday's standing-room-only crowd of roughly 200. Event emcee Jeff Chidester praised O'Keefe's work, stating Republicans should be "disappointed" O'Keefe couldn't appear in person and that they "should leave [the event] very outraged" because Gov. John Lynch and other Democrats are threatening O'Keefe with legal action.

"If Democratic votes had been suppressed by Republicans... then we would have the outrage we should have on this issue as well," said Chidester.


Mark Crispin Miller
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