You are herePolitico: James O’Keefe to headline Tampa luncheon

Politico: James O’Keefe to headline Tampa luncheon

By FZ - Posted on 22 August 2012

-By Dave Levinthal

August 21, 2012- No need for conservative filmmaker and activist James O’Keefe to go incognito at next week’s Republican National Convention: He’ll be the guest of honor at an exclusive luncheon.

The event, scheduled for Aug. 28, is sponsored by the James Madison Institute, a Florida-based nonprofit organization. And organizers expect it to be a hot ticket, given O’Keefe’s bombastic reputation and the practicality that only 60 seats are available.

O’Keefe will speak on “the role of the citizen journalist” and take audience questions, said Francisco Gonzalez, the institute’s vice president of advancement.

While many conservatives have hailed him as a hero, liberals often deride him as deceptive. O’Keefe has made a career going undercover and posing as various characters — most notably, a pimp — in attempts to catch left-leaning groups such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, in the midst of perceived hypocrisies.


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