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Talking Points Memo: Breitbart, Adams Respond To Criticism Of Their Role In New Black Panther Case

By FZ - Posted on 29 January 2011

January 29, 2011- Two Democrats on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights say the J. Christian Adams, the former Justice Department lawyer at the heart of the scandal over the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case, isn't credible because he contributes to a "race-baiting" website run by conservative pundit Andrew Breitbart.

Michael Yaki and Arlan Melendez, the only two Democrats on the Civil Rights Commission at the time, wrote a statement dissenting from the report issued by the conservative majority, calling the Republican-pushed New Black Panther Party investigation a "tremendous waste of scarce government resources."

In their statement issued in the final report released this week, Yaki and Melendez say their conservative colleagues on the commission are ignoring the partisan motivations of the two lawyers responsible for filing the voter intimidation case, filed by the Justice Department in the final days of the Bush administration.

"We find it both noteworthy and troubling that Mr. Adams should seek to associate himself with the website Big Government, which traffics in deceptively edited videos," they write. They specifically cite the edited video that Big Government posted of Shirley Sherrod. "Adams's willingness to associate himself with people who have a history of mendacious race-baiting severely undermines the credibility of his accounts of racial bias at the Department."

Adams told TPM that "thought leaders, all sorts of people write for Big Government" and said he had two blog posts up on his website and on Pajamas Media responding to what he said were errors in the statement issued by the Commission's two Democrats.

In a telephone interview on Friday, Breitbart told me he thought the Commission's report -- though highly critical of the Obama administration -- was a "Caucasian wash."

"I mean white wash, I'm sorry, I get confused over the proper terminology that we are supposed to use in America," Breitbart told TPM.


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America