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Media Matters: Did you notice Fox News wouldn't defend Breitbart?

By FZ - Posted on 08 November 2010

November 5, 2010- In one of sadder media break-ups of the year, it appears that Andrew Breitbart is still not welcome back into the House that Rupert Built.

One year ago, you almost couldn't turn on Fox News and not see Breitbart hyping his ACORN sting. But for most of 2010 Breitbart has not been a welcome guest on Fox News. And boy, that became glaringly obvious over the last few days when the right-wing propagandist was out making headlines in his battle with ABC News. That would have been a perfect opportunity for Breitbart to use the Fox News platform to tell his side of the story and to lash out as his "liberal media" enemies.

Except that Fox News wanted nothing to do with Breitbart or his absurd passion play.

Recall that when a similar type of controversy erupted when NPR cut its ties with Juan Williams for comments he'd made on Rupert Murdoch's channel, it was Juanapalooza over at Fox News with almost non-stop coverage of the story and endless/breathless claims of censorship and rallying cries of free speech and the deeply felt conviction that the liberal media (NPR) was trying to silence voices (Williams).

Well, those were the exact same claims Breitbart's right-wing supporters in the press made when ABC News uninvited him from Election Night coverage. But guess what? While that high-profile story played out in the press and literally drove the right-wing blogosphere to distraction, Fox News sat on its collective hands. (Searching Nexis and, I can't find one one-air mention of "Breitbart" in the last week on Fox News.)

Fox News couldn't have cared less about Andrew Breitbart and the hissy fit he was throwing about ABC News. And that is rather remarkable.


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America