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MediaBistro.Com: Dissecting ABC’s Breitbart Debacle

By FZ - Posted on 08 November 2010

November 4, 2010- On his PressThink blog, media critic and NYU professor Jay Rosen tries to figure out what in the world ABC News was thinking when they invited LA’s most infamous right-wing Internet troll Andrew Breitbart, to participate in their election coverage.

Breitbart’s aims are not a mystery. “I’m committed to the destruction of the old media guard,” he has said. ABC News is obviously a part of that old media guard, the destruction of which is Breitbart’s leading cause. Anyone who has watched him operate understands this. “Conservative media mogul Andrew Breitbart has always wanted to take down the ‘liberal media establishment,’” said The Atlantic in June.

Only a political moron and culture war innocent would fail to realize that the “liberal media establishment” includes the people in charge of election coverage at ABC News— especially on-air personalities like Stephanopoulos, who co-anchored with Diane Sawyer. Breitbart openly seeks the demise of those who invited him to contribute to their election night journalism. Don’t you think that’s odd?

Sad. Breitbart seemed just about dead after the whole Shirley Sherrod incident. Now he’s got a cause and his troll juice back. Nice job ABC.


Mark Crispin Miller
Progressive Democrats of America